Patch Testing

e-derm-68The dermatologists who consult from the CDC may offer patients patching testing to identify possible causes of contact dermatitis.

Nickel allergy is the most common form of contact allergy and causes rashes with, for example, costume jewellery or belt buckles. Other common contact allergies include reactions to: perfume, preservatives in cosmetics, hair dye and sticking plaster. Certain occupations may cause more exposure to potential allergens – for example, hair dressers are exposed to many chemicals including hair dyes and hair relaxing agents.

Patch testing can potentially identify the offending allergen. Once the allergen is avoided, it can lead to remission of contact dermatitis.

Patch testing requires 3 visits, including a visit for application of the allergens and 2 subsequent visits for reading the test. A quotation will be provided for the entire process.