Ultraviolet phototherapy

Effective narrow band ultraviolet light treatment is available from the dermatologist who consult at the CDC for a number of skin conditions.

– Psoriasis
– Eczema
– Vitiligo (Loss of pigment)
– Pruritus
– Cutaneous lymphoma
– Urticaria (Hives)
– Lichen Planus

Ultraviolet light treatment will be tailored according to your skin type and condition. Patients are required to stand in a booth that is lined by panels of ultraviolet light bulbs. There is also a smaller ultraviolet machine that is used to specifically target skin conditions that affect the hands and feet.

Patients are required to wear protective eyewear or a facemask. Phototherapy is a form of ultraviolet light, and thus excessive treatment theoretically may increase the risk of skin cancer and photo-aging of the skin. Caution is advised for patients with a history of skin cancer.

Patients are advised to schedule ultraviolet treatment appointments well ahead of time to reduce the chance of delays in treatment, as there is often a high demand for treatment slots. There is currently a Medicare rebate available which will cover the majority of the ultraviolet light treatment cost. There is a minimal ‘gap’ fee payable.